Monday, April 29, 2013

A Stone's Throw Away by Carl Lee

What if one machine could take the place of manufacturing? That is what Brian, a post-apocalyptic man, finds out in this 425 page novel by Carl Lee. Brian and his classmates are pushed towards specific careers on what is left of Earth sometime in the distant future. We follow Brian as he comes of age, and while he discovers the cold hard truth of what that really means.
 A Stone’s Throw Away delves into scientific discovery and possibility we only dream of in the modern age. I appreciate how Lee seems researched, and his backings feel realistic. I’m no physicist – perhaps that’s why I’m more likely to accept any pseudo-facts. If there are errors in how things like inter-space travel would work, then I prefer to stay with Lee’s version!

As sci-fi goes, this one has perfect elements of realism mixed with beyond imagination. The author does not give much away, and the reader has no idea what awaits around each corner. Although at times slow to build suspense, when you peel back the layers it’s worth the wait. I am looking forward to the next installment, and was startled by the end. Much like a beloved television show, only there is no scheduled conclusion next week.
 Elements of interpersonal relationships are studied throughout – even mankind in the future so distant from tradition will still have the same desires to love, nurture, and be nurtured. Brian struggles with his place in the world, his place with friends, and the prospect of a normal future. I’m really looking forward to how this one plays out. Happy reading!

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