Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Anarchy: a Love Story by D.M. Anthony

I won this through FirstReads giveaways, and was thrilled that it came autographed with a letter to boot! Here it goes...
This is a love story. This is a life story. The story will take you places that warm your heart and then chill your bones. Anarchy is parts coming-of-age tale, romance, political, adventure, and redemption all in one.

The characters ring true, and you really care what happens to them – When I had to put the book down (to work and perform basic life functions) I found myself hoping that things would work out for the characters, as if they were people I knew!
There were moments and comments that made me laugh out loud in a quiet room…then almost cry the next. The realistic references throughout make the characters tangible…like a good friend or coworker sharing their life with you.
Anarchy is also a warning. Every decision counts and “surrendering your will” can destroy your life. The author truly understands love, despair, and the sprinkles of the human condition along the journey. I’m telling my friends they have to read this book, and you really should as well.

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