Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Quaternary Vote by Phillip A. Johnston

I won a copy through the Goodreads' Firstreads program.
The idea is inriguing. My first thought was it seems even a bit blasphemous, but after delving into this novel I discovered otherwise. This is a study on humanity - what would happen if we had the power to decide who ran the universe? Would we make God obsolete in all our self-proscribed divine wisdom? As a person of faith, I found myself asking and finding the answers to questions no one wants to ask. **Disclaimer: I don't believe anyone but God should run the cosmos!**

I would like to say here that yes, there may be times you wish for a less documentary feeling - yet that's exactly what this book was written to feel like. Basically, read it like you would the morning newspaper. Pretend you lived through such a time when God would resign. If you do this, you will enjoy this book.

Without giving too much away (spoilers!) I want to address the no-character-development issue. With a book that's a study of humanity and gods over a seemingly short period of time, there really wouldn't be much character development. With quirky, at times laugh-out-loud writing, this is one of those books to take for what it is - a study on what might be. Reminiscent of the movie "Idiocracy".

I thoroughly enjoyed, and get this - I'm not that into politics. Read on! :)

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