Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pavlov's Dogs by D.L. Snell

I won a copy through the Goodreads' Firstreads program.

Let's start backwards, with the only bad part of this ended too soon. I think well-written novels about apocalypse-zombie-survivor ideas should extend to series, just saying.
My first thought was the idea seemed cheesy, but after reading a few pages I was hooked. Snell took a great risk heading into this genre, and I am now a fan! I will look for more books from Permuted Press as well!

Basically you have a team of scientists hunkered down on an island. The dogs are more like werewolves, and the science behind it makes sense - if imaginary. I appreciate when someone seems to have done a little research before writing.

Then we move on to a band of survivors, trying to escape the zombie hoard. Although a bit crude at times, you begin to appreciate the characters for who they are. I like that the auther did not make me care too terribly much about them though.
I don't want to give too much away, but just check this book out and you shouldn't be disappointed! Unless you're a sensitive were-human or zombie-in-training. In that case, go read about brains.

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