Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dead and Buryd by Chele Cooke

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
First Impression: The cover reminds me of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series – namely The Gunslinger. An interesting premise, and decent reviews – let’s find out.

Characters: Georgianna Lennox, a Veniche medic, works with the invading Adveni forces in order to bring healing to the masses imprisoned in Lyndbury Prison. When any infraction can land any race inside the compound, regardless of intent, Georgianna sees her service as homage to friends and family lost to the harsh Adveni invaders. I appreciate her tough female exterior, although her ‘relationship’ with Belsa Keiran leaves a lot to be desired. The characters all seem a bit tough, as the setting would call for. I’m hoping there’s a bit more development when the series continues.
World Building: I really felt like I was walking the compound with Georgianna, and it looked much like a city from “Dune” in my mind. I didn’t feel anything lacking, as the setting seems pretty straight-forward. I liked the migration from north to south depending on the season – this places the planet and its people at a time before technology. The Adveni start to implement their advanced technology upon arrival and a sort of industrial revolution is on the verge. That is, if the people can get out from under oppression.
Writing Style: Author Cooke understands her characters in this imagined world. As the reader, you are transported as you should be into the story. However, at times the story seemed to drag through lengthy descriptions of character movement. I would have liked to see some more plot development earlier on, as most of this book is about building history.
What I Liked: I enjoyed the relationships formed between Georgianna and the supporting characters. I look forward to seeing how her friendship with Edtroka the Adveni guard will develop. Also, she will eventually have to choose between the two main love interests (spoilers!)
Deal Benders: It’s a different thing to judge the first of a series than it is a novel. As the first in a series, “Dead and Buryd” does its job setting up a story. However, the parts that lag make it difficult to draw in all readers. A first installment should grab you by the throat and make you want the story to never end. Second installments are a better place to lag and set up for future story.
Overall Rating: I give this 3.5 stars because it is an interesting story, but lags a bit too much to say I really liked it. Definitely worth a read, but it will really have to step up the tempo to hold my interest in the next book.  

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