Monday, December 16, 2013

Truth (The Geneva Project #1) by Christian Benjamin

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
First Impression: A dark cover is sweetly foreboding, and the blurb makes for an interesting premise.

Characters: Geneva and a motley band of orphans are stranded on an island orphanage in the aftermath of a great natural disaster. With a strict headmistress and even tighter schedule, the children have little time for social interaction to start asking questions. What happened to their parents? Why are they confined to the compound?
After a bully receives a backlash of her own punishment, some of the orphans wonder if Geneva is more than she seems. The island holds secrets and magic from the time before. Fighting love and danger, Geneva takes on her world with true force in “Truth” The Geneva Project #1.
Wonderfully distinct characters leave room for growth and interpersonal development in this stunning debut by Christian Benjamin.
World Building: Benjamin provides a solid background while still leaving mystery for upcoming adventures in this first installment. I enjoyed the fresh approach to the post-apocalyptic / dystopian genre.
Writing Style: I was able to read straight through with little grammar or spelling errors. This is an appropriate read for anyone teen and up, with a true PG-13 atmosphere. I appreciated the focus was on the characters development personally and with their abilities, with romance as a product of friendship.
What I Liked: I’m a fan of books that encourage themes like self-discovery and growth. “Truth” holds valuable lessons for readers, while not throwing anything in your face. I enjoyed the build of action and tension, and am satisfied with how the first book in this series ended.
Deal Benders: There are a few spelling and grammar errors, but not too shabby if that’s my only complaint!
Overall Rating: I gave this book 5 stars because I would read it again, and I will read the next one. A delightful read full of adventure, mystery, love, and suspense – I couldn’t put it down. Happy reading!
For Fans Of: The Hunger Games, Pandemonium, Ship Breaker, Divergent

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