Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last Light Falling (The Covenant #1) by J.E. Plemons

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.*

First Impression: Excellent cover art and an interesting premise. Dystopian post-apocalyptic is my favorite genre.

Characters: A strong female lead with a band of friends and family makes for a relatable base. Arena Power grows up fast when she realizes her and her brother Gabe are destined to take on the evil of this new world. I was a bit confused about the character building since it went from 0-60 in a hot second. I appreciated the bonds between characters, however, as it makes them realistic.

World Building: Instead of saving the world, Arena and Gabe are tasked to bring about the end – to end the evil that plagues the nations. A corrupt government not a far cry from our own is painted with precision, and the reader is immersed into the new world. There’s also a bit too much graphic violence to be called Christian Fiction, but not enough science to be Sci-Fi.

Writing Style: As a Christian, I enjoy stories with a biblical background. On the other hand, I don’t love the almost preachy dialogue that comes mainly from the main character Arena. Author J.E. Plemons undoubtedly has a way with words, as is apparent throughout the twists and turns within “Last Light Falling.” However, I want more story and less life lesson.

What I Enjoyed: This is a fast-paced book with plenty of action. I also liked the hint of romance between characters without the smut so common in the 2010’s.

Deal Benders: For some reason Arena and Gabe grow wise beyond their years overnight? This didn’t resonate with me as realistic, but more forced. I think with a bit of the dialogue dialed back the story would flow better.

Overall Rating: I give this a solid 3 stars because I liked the idea and the story. I’m interested to see how “The Covenant” series evolves; once this author hits his stride many will follow!

For Fans Of: Dystopian post-apocalyptic fiction with a religious slant.

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