Saturday, May 6, 2017

Fatherland by Robert Harris

This book was recommended and given to me by a professor, very thoughtful grad present!

Fatherland is a departure in alternate history. What would happen if the Nazi regime wasn't defeated, and Hitler was allowed to reign supreme in Europe?

First Impression: Alternate history is always intriguing, as it makes us think about the outcome of choices.

Characters: March is the main protagonist, with a lifetime of bad decisions leading up to the ultimate question: What is loyalty, and does it override human decency? I found many of the other characters forgettable, which is perhaps the intent.

World Building: The world doesn't seem much changed in ways of thinking, but I enjoyed imagining a world where JFK wasn't assassinated and other such idiosyncrasies. Picturing the state of the world was not difficult if Germany had won the war.

Writing Style: Very straight-forward with a bit of mystery.

What I Enjoyed: The idea of uncovering Nazi secrets in an alternate world where they win was very intriguing. I'm so thankful, without spoilers, that they were defeated.

Deal Benders: I found myself wanting to know more about the alternate reality and how different things were. I struggled to stay focused on the mystery and intrigue because quite frankly I became bored.

Overall Rating: I liked it, so three stars seems appropriate. If the focus on world building was a bit more focused on the alternate reality, it could have been better.

For Fans Of: The Man in the High Castle

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