Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hurst (The Hurst Chronicles #1) by Robin Crumby

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*

First Impression: Dark days of a pandemic apocalypse - this should be good!

Characters: This is an action driven story in the aftermath of a plague, so the characters are appropriately world-weary with a twinge of hope. They are all distinct and unique in my head, which makes them believable.

World Building: Crumby has a knack for painting the scene. From the crumbling castle fortresses to deserted towns, the reader is transported to a bleak future Earth.

Writing Style: Relatable. Relevant. Riveting. The three R's of an excellent read. From pop culture references to vivid descriptions, Robin Crumby quickly became one of my favorite authors.

What I Enjoyed: Hurst is fast-paced and sometimes even humorous. Levity in dark places is a perfect break for enjoyment. This book has something for everyone.

Deal Benders: It is rare that I can't find much to improve upon, but honestly cannot think of anything I didn't care for in Hurst.

Overall Rating: 5 stars, all the stars! Cannot wait to read Hurst Chronicles #2!

For Fans Of: Post-apocalyptic action, suspense, and a little mystery.

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