Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Microchip by Chey Barnes

I received an ARC ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

There's the world you think you know...then there's the world behind it. In "Microchip", author Chey Barnes weaves an intelligent tale of a not-too-distant future, where humanity stands on a precipice. With extensive research, Barnes brings truths to the average citizen in the form of a fictional debut.

"Microchip" starts out introducing each character in a new chapter, which threw me at first. In hindsight, it makes sense to show where each character came from before weaving their stories together. There are soccer moms, biker dudes, Christians, and spirit-walkers. We also meet scientists, politicians, and the ruling elite. What happens when martial law runs rampant, and it's either receive a microchip or die? Will there be a safe haven left to run to, and if so - how will they survive cut off from the world?

Character development is not the focus of this type of story, so I didn't focus on that point. The main purpose of this story is to introduce a plausible future based on findings from many brilliant minds of today. Inquiring minds will appreciate the time Barnes took to fully explain what went wrong and the road back to redemption. Although not familiar with the science, it is all entirely plausible; never too much of a stretch.

I will certainly look for the sequel if one is in the making! Happy reading.


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