Thursday, June 20, 2013

Roadtrip to Redemption by Brad Mathias

I received a copy of Road Trip to Redemption from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an unbiased review.
When Brad Mathias’ daughter encountered the darkest side of life, he knew she needed healing. The whole family, already wounded from a past of poor decisions, was in need of spiritual deliverance. Mathias takes his wife and their three children on a road trip to reconnect. Along the way they find a renewed sense of God and family.
I enjoyed how this book explores the honest, deep-dark-secrets aspect of life. Each member of the Mathias family carries burdens they have to work out with God and as a family. Brad Mathias especially seeks redemption for past mistakes, and relies on God heavily to guide him as head of the house. This is a story of parenting, marriage, and relationship with our Creator.
However, not everyone can afford to book such an expensive trip with their family. I would have liked to see the author touch more on how families in a recessed economy can implement changes in their family activity. Also, this book is heavily focused on parenting, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re a parent.
Overall, I appreciate the effort Brad Mathias made to share such an amazing journey. This book is a testimony of how God can pull families and individuals from the darkest recesses of humanity into the light of tomorrow. Happy reading.

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