Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

I received a copy of REDEEMING LOVE from Waterbrook Maltnomah Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

A modern update to the classic Bible story of Hosea, REDEEMING LOVE tells the story of Sarah - a girl on the run from love. From a young age, Sarah is shown how love destroys. Taking on the name Angel, she walks through life in haze...because facing her past might destroy her.

One day Angel meets a man named Michael Hosea, who is determined to show her that real love heals and saves. Angel wants nothing to do with Michael or his God, but what happens when you can't shake that knock on the door of your heart?

I had heard nothing but positive from the plethora of fans before reading this book, so I was really excited to read it. In the first few chapters alone there was overwhelming emotion - mainly shock at how Angel grew up in the world. Although many times I wanted to shake sense into her, I appreciated how the author developed Angel's character into someone believable. REDEEMING LOVE made me wonder how much our past dictates our future.

Set in the 1850's, the story paints a realistic picture of life in the dawn of the United States. The dialogue feels fresh yet not too modern as to be out of the times. The clothing, towns, and relationships felt genuine to the era as well.

Overall, I will read more from Francine Rivers, as I enjoyed this book immensely. Please see the links below to find out more! Happy reading.

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