Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Wayfinding Bible

I received a copy from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

The Wayfinding Bible is different from any others I have come across. Most importantly, I adore how Jesus-focused the entire message is – it all points to the Son of God! With a clean, colorful layout, the reader has three main choices for how they want to study God’s word. For the purposes of reviewing in a timely manner, I chose the “flyover route” – covering 40 ‘stops’ along the main points of the Bible. There are also options for a “direct route” (for those who want a better understanding in 200 ‘stops’), and the “scenic route” (for an in-depth study without feeling overwhelmed).

Right off the tarmac, contributions from bestselling children’s books and bibles authors Doris Rikkers and Jeannette Taylor provide a wonderfully updated New Living Translation to readers of all ages. The colorful maps and illustrations give readers a window seat view of God’s word, instead of the sometimes hard-to-get-through black and white version many are used to reading.

Observation and exploration points help introduce and guide thoughtful reading of each book. The timeline at the beginning of each chapter helps relate the story to an actual point in time – before or after Jesus. Often when reading the Bible, putting events and people in chronological order is confusing at best. 

I would recommend this to new believers, young believers, and seasoned believers alike. It’s not often I find Christian literature or Bibles I can recommend to such a broad spectrum of readers! Happy reading.


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