Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This Land by L.S. Burton

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
First Impression: “This Land” starts out slow, and I had to dig a few chapters in before I started to immerse myself in the story.
Characters: The band of survivors is really the heart of this first installment, and I look forward to seeing their growth and interaction in the second book. Stephen is a monk with a past – much of the story revolves around his view of the world. Burton’s real moment to shine is in describing his characters’ personalities and reactions to events…”[She] had the easily bruised courage of the kind.” There is a study in humanity – the character that defines us in moments of chaos.
World Building: An earth-like planet is a forgettable place in Burton’s creation. I wonder if the reader is not supposed to feel too attached to the setting as a way to focus more on the characters. When the alien force invades, they feel more like a force of nature than a character. I’m curious to see how they grow when the story continues.
Writing Style: I must say I thoroughly enjoyed Burton’s imagery…"hard to keep is eyes from dripping down his face like egg yolks.” Such descriptions keep the reader pulled in to find what comparisons will come up next.
What I Liked: The reason I liked this story quite a bit is not so much the storyline as the description of moments in the lives of survivors huddled together against impending doom.
Deal Benders: Even though this is a well-written story with flesh-and-blood characters, I felt detached from them somehow. I was entertained, but did not care what happened either way. Perhaps this is resolved in the sequel.
Overall Rating: If only for the intriguing premise and character study, I give this book 4 stars – as in I really liked it.
For Fans of: I can’t think of a similar book, but strangely enough would recommend fans of Jane Austen’s character-driven novels.

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