Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scapemaker by Steve Cypert

First Impression: Who doesn’t want to escape inside a dream world? Let’s go…

Characters: Humans are not the only beings represented in author Steve Cypert’s creation. I appreciate nods to many different character and monster types throughout Dreamscape – my favorite were the lunchroom Imaji. Other notable descriptions of the Magineum keepers and Goblins stayed with me longer than the story itself.
World Building: Scapemaker has a decidedly Harry Potter feel to it – if Harry roamed the halls of dreams instead of wizardry. There’s also a Native American undertone with mare guardians, dream catchers, and lore galore. I enjoyed the tie-ins to history, as this always adds an element of realism to fictional works. The dreamscapers have extra abilities and powers, giving a feel of magic.
Writing Style: The author does an excellent job creating vivid characters, especially in the descriptions of Goblin distinctions and races. I enjoyed funny quips from the teachers and the general feel of the story.
What I Enjoyed: “Luck is an unknown skill under the guise of a blind talent.” Little gems of wisdom like these are hidden throughout the book.
Deal Benders: There were a few spelling and grammar errors for a finished copy, and one repeat sentence that I found strange. Also, I hate to say it, but the story just didn’t stimulate me enough – I feel this might be better for middle-grade readers, but then again the stakes are so high these days.
Overall Rating: Started out great, and then slowed to a crawl. I give 3 stars because I did like the idea.
For Fans Of: Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling
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