Thursday, March 13, 2014

All is Silence by Robert L. Slater

First Impression: I am all about reading post-apocalyptic type stories. All is Silence has a great cover as well.

Characters: Lizzie is a troubled teenager who has to make some tough decisions. She collects a ragtag group of friends on her quest south to find her father. I found myself emotionally detached from any of the characters though, and I’m not sure exactly why.

World Building: There were a few descriptions of the changing world, but not enough to draw a clear picture. I felt there could have been some more scene-setting.

Writing Style: Sometimes author Robert L. Slater uses strange conclusion jumps to explain subplots, which might appeal to younger readers – just not the more seasoned ones. I don’t want the whole idea explained to me outright; there has to be some mystery.

What I Enjoyed: There were a few quotes and comments that rang true. “But close only counted in horse shoes, hand grenades and slow dancing.” – Lizzie

The author touches on how the bond of parenting changes perspectives, purpose…everything. I also found ideas such as how people need to hear “it’s going to be okay” in a crisis, and how families are those who love and nurture you – not just the one you’re born into.

My favorite scene was Zach trying to teach ‘dog-man’ Spike how to use a bathroom.

Deal Benders: I would read the sequel if some of the writing was cleaned up. I don’t appreciate sex scenes and excessive swearing in YA books.

Overall Rating: A great idea, great potential, but overall just okay delivery. I really wanted to love this one!

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