Friday, May 16, 2014

James Potter and the Morrigan Web by G. Norman Lippert

First Impression: After 7 Harry Potter books and now the 4th James Potter book, you'd think I had enough, right? WRONG. Let's keep this going! I expect big things...

Characters: James and his friends develop normally as students. The supporting adults don't really change much, but that's not the point of a HP story. The evil ones are deliciously evil, and there's even a surprise comeback of many old friends!

World Building: I can't tell the difference between Lippert's world and Rowling's. The magic is still there, Hogwarts and we never left. I appreciate this in fan fiction. Wonderful new additions and inventions, drawing on the influence of many beloved authors (afterward).

Writing Style: Again, I enjoy the quirky and flowing writing of the author. I feel this is fan fiction at it's most possible best.

What I Enjoyed: Magic, intrigue, plot twists, oh my! This is my favorite JP yet, hopefully with many more to come!

Deal Benders: For once, I can't think of any. Hmm...

Overall Rating: 5 stars - now don't get too excited, I realize it's middle grade fiction. But that doesn't mean the adults can't enjoy the ride.

For Fans Of: The Harry Potter series, duh. :)

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