Sunday, September 3, 2017

Beauty's Curse (Once Upon A Princess #1) by C.S. Johnson

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

First Impression: What a beautiful cover, and I adore fairy tale re-tellings!

Characters: Rose and Theo, Rose and Phillip, Rose and her many friends / subjects in the many winning combinations with appropriate complexity to each relationship.

World Building: Not much is shared about the world itself, but the characters and backstory drive the scene thus far.

Writing Style: Johnson has a wistful grace to her sentences that swept me off my feet. Very fairy tale approved.

What I Enjoyed: I like this better than the Disney version, and that means it's a great story! Admittedly, I pictured many of the characters as they appeared in the cartoon adaptation - while trying to imagine them as real people haha. I adore Rose's character, full of confidence and pride yet soft and humble. She takes the curse as a challenge to life instead of a reason to acquiesce.

Deal Benders: I'm a bit greedy, and would like more imagery to go with the wonderful plot and character development.

Overall Rating: 4 stars for a well done reimagined favorite. I can't wait to read the sequel, "Beauty's Quest"!
For Fans Of: Sleeping Beauty or any other Disney story, re-imagined with a feminist twist!


  1. Wonderful review of such a great story! :D I loved Rose too and enjoy this version of her story more then the Disney movie! She's such a great heroine (even if she is a little too headstrong at times). ;) Haha!

    1. I just saw this Laura, thank you for reading! It is such a beautiful story <3