Saturday, June 23, 2018

Empyrean's Fall by Nicole L. Bates

First Impression: I can't wait to continue this series! Also, another gorgeous cover.

Characters: The Leroni are a humanoid alien species to the humans who've landed on a strange planet somewhat like their own while vastly and dangerously new. I found the relationships authentic and the conflict believable. Of course my favorite is the love between Jahira and Krnar.

World Building: Again Bates brings exploration of Empyrean with peril and delight. Creatures, flora and fauna, and a host of other new discoveries await. I'm always impressed with this author's careful thought behind the technology and medicinal practices, as well as the character daily lifestyles and adventures.

Writing Style: Approachable and easy to follow, while building a complex enough sci-fi escape. Creating a series enjoyable for adults yet innocent enough for YA is no easy task, but Bates surprises me yet again with this accomplishment.

What I Enjoyed: What did I not enjoy might be the better question here? I want this series to go on forever. My favorite parts of fantasy and sci-fi combine to create a fast-paced adventure with enough tender and reflective moments to be immersive.

Overall Rating: 5 stars - Feel good at times, gripping at others. Everything I want in a story.

For Fans Of: Rhapsody series by Elizabeth Hayden, Jurassic Park

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