Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Angel and Bavar by Amy Wilson

Cover Quote: "One Beauty. One Beast. One Enchantment to Break."

Character Development: Angel and Bavar are each scarred by their early childhood memories - their parents disappearing from their lives in mysterious ways. They learn a few lessons along the way, but I couldn't say I ever really got to know either of them.

World Building: Earth with magical elements and a Gothic style house provide the backdrop for a spooky retelling.

Writing Style: Accessibly to readers of all ages, Wilson gears towards teens while giving adults relatable content.

What I Enjoyed: I'm a fan of favorite classics with a new twist, and I've never dreamed of this version. Angel and Bavar give fresh breath to an old tale.

Deal Benders: Some of the story felt a bit flat, and the main villain had strange dialogue.

Overall Rating: 3 stars for a solid likable read.

For Fans of: Beauty and the Beast

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